ThumbView 2

Quite some time ago I released ThumbView. It was back in 2004 and at the time of writing it’s got exactly 116 900 downloads over at SourceForge. It’s a Windows Shell Extension, which means it extends some functionality in Windows. In ThumbView’s case it extends the image file preview support in Explorer. Windows just supports BMP, JPEG and GIF (some other). Many people, like me, use other image formats like TGA, PNG, and DDS.

I released two versions: “Lite” aimed at the standard user, and the regular for pros (I should’ve just called it “Pro”). Lite included a standard pack of 19 image formats, and the regular version had a plug-in system so you could support even more image formats if you wrote a image reader for it.

Back in 2004… Vista wasn’t released, and obviously not Win 7 either. Vista still supported the IExtractImage interface ThumbView is based on, but Win 7 doesn’t – so ThumbView doesn’t work in Win 7. I’ve (re)started working on ThumbView 2 a few times, one time I got pretty far. Now I’m at it again. It’s made in C#, using .NET 2.0 and implementsIThumbnailProviderThere’s a great tutorial that I followed.

Let’s hope I finish it this time! smiley


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