Idea: Custom clothes store online

I recently got in contact with a tailor in Bangkok. I was so satisfied with my first order that I doubled it on my second order.

Why do I like them so much? First of all, they’re custom fit so it’s exactly the right size. Second of all, the pricing is very reasonable – it’s not cheap, but you’re really getting your money’s worth. Third and my favourite, they’re 100% custom designed. You can pick any fabric, color and cut. There are no limitations, just tell him how you want it and consider it done.

Some examples of what I bought:
* Black suit with two buttons and a left pocket. The inside of the jacket is red with gold.
* White shirt with red buttons and red button holes. Also made a black version.
* A black coat with slim design and black/silver inside.

They also come engraved with your name in the suit jacket, and initials on the shirt sleeve.

More people should have access to this! There are a few online stores that allow you to create your own shirt, but I haven’t seen anything with the freedom (or quality) my tailor gives. The idea is to use the same kind of customization UI as video games have that support character or clothes customization, they’re way better than any online store has today and really makes the user want to explore all the settings.

Going a bit further the site could add user accounts and Facebook Connect so the user can store his designs (and measurements). Everyone could have a “design book” with invented configurations, and a “wardrobe” with what has actually been ordered. Going even further a user could be considered a designer and paid some comission (in-store credit?) if someone buys his design.

As a part of Fair Trade and other social responsibilities the factory could be shown on the website, with profiles over the workers and maybe even attach each one to the work they create – so you know exactly who made your clothes.

My first step though is to gather a larger group of friends and contacts for his next visit to gauge the interest.


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