Idea: Enterprise Quiz

At work we’re studying towards a SharePoint 2010 certification. There are some courses you can take online to prepare for a SharePoint 2007 cert, but none for 2010. We have some in-house knowledge of SP2010 and it would be nice if they could help us newbies prepare for the test.

I’ve previously done a quiz game for WWF and I just finished one for Kooperation Utan Gränser, so it’s only natural that I’m thinking of a quiz. The actual quiz part is basic and straight forward: multiple choice questions and some graphical polish. The interesting part is the question input area. I’m finding inspiration in Wikipedia where everyone in the company can take part in forming the questions and answers. Not sure exactly how it would be implemented, but using our work accounts (Windows Authorization) and some version control would be a good start.

Of course, the quiz could be extended to include analysis of the persons answers and trying to find areas one can improve and maybe give suggestions on what to read (book chapter, in-house document, online articles, etc). An easy way to achieve this would be connecting a resource to every question, and just line upp all the resources on questions that were answered incorrectly.


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