Idea: Stats crazy with KbFails

One project that could be done around KbFails is an online statistics website. To view your stats you have to visit the website (as there’s obviously going to be some ads there :)), but when you visit you’re encouraged to share your stats anonymously with the world.

That way you can find fun, but useless, information as what country writes the fewest errors per 1000 keystrokes or letters are most common (only the number of keystrokes is stored, not what order or anything that would give away passwords or sensitive information).

There could be a sandbox mode where you can build queries using “blocks”, like Google Analytics, to filter out some fun stats. Using jQuery, of course. Those creations could be stored with a comment in a “information feed” type way, like the Facebook news feed or any RSS reader.

You could also challenge friends or join in “improvement groups” to lower your error count.

What other stats or things would be fun to track besides key presses and country?


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