Idea: Version control Achievements

One of the greatest gaming inventions of recent time is Achievements, IMHO. Wikipedia describes it as “a meta-goal defined outside of a game’s parameters”.

My friend Karl showed me the git achievements project. You are awarded “Achievements” based on what you do in the version control system. Some examples:

“Apprentice Seamstress: amended a commit with git-commit –amend.”
“Apprentice Socialite: pushed a branch to a remote repository using git-push”
“Apprentice Stone Mason: Added files to the index area for inclusion in the next commit with git-add”

That’s a great idea! It can be used to incourage best practices and company policies. It could even teaching fundamentals of version control management in a fun way.

I do prefer SVN though, and there can probably be some money made on MS Team Foundation Service.

The achievements of each employee could be shown in the company intranet, or even on it’s public website.

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