Idea: Project Valhalla

This summer I visited a friend that had started his own game development studio, WhiteOut. They’re only a few people, but it reminded me of the DICE office where I once worked. I also started thinking of another friend that had driven his own incubator.

The idea would be to create a place where small independent game studios can sit together, being small and independent but still enjoy the luxuries in office-terms that bigger studios can afford.

I contacted an office hotell and Riksbyggen who controll most buildings in town. It’s simply to expensive, even when renting a large space. It would have to be subsidised somehow. If a benefactor could be found, these places could be started in every major town in Scandinavia. Each project could pull a little, but much needed, PR to other projects in the building. I think the atmosphere would be awesome and people would really thrive day.

Maybe some day…

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