Idea: Christmas gifting

This year me and a friend were Cyber Santas. I checked out his wishlist on Steam, and he checked out my wishlist on Amazon. Then we bought each others gift, on Christmas Eve, online, from home, delivered instantly. It felt great! Gifting is one thing, but giving someone a present has a few more subtletess I’d like introduced.

  1. Schedule delivery for a specific date. Since the gifting is instantanous, giving a Christmas gift or birthday present means you have to buy it on the actual date. Most blogs and email-clients have delayed or scheduled functions, so why not just let me choose what date the person gets the gift? Or even better, let them know right away but don’t let them open it until my given date.
  2. Gift “wrap” it. It was nice getting that e-mail from Amazon telling me Karl had “gifted me” the book Superfreakonomics, but it would’ve been a bit more fun with that feeling of wrapped gifts you get when you know you’ve got something but don’t know what it is.

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