Idea: A reason to eat cake – every day

As I recently posted, we’ve starting pooling together a fun Entertainment calendar at work (putting in release dates where movies and games we look forward to). I started thinking what more could be added. Co-workers birthdays would be the obvious one. Project milestones could be fun too.

Let’s go back to birthdays. High on my list of favourite non-work-activities-at-work is “fika“. So a reason to eat cake gets a pretty high importance in my calendar. Which leads me to: what’s a good reason to have cake today? Christian Feast Days almost makes it too easy. I’d prefer funnier reasons, like Teddy Bear Day on September 9. There’s an interesting website with various holidays, but I basically want a simple site like this one that just says some information about today – right there on the front page in big letters. And a button to get it into your calendar.

Now if you excuse me, I’m off to celebrate Stephen Hawkin’s birthday with some cake.

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