Idea: Dangerous file, Will Robinson! Dangerous!

Some companies put up a lot of barriers to keep the weakest link (employee) from breaking the chain (the intranet). At my current assignment I wanted to download grep to parse some logs. I knew the installer wouldn’t never run on my account, so I wen’t for the .zip version. Of course, that wasn’t allowed to be downloaded either.

So I did the only sensible thing: I tricked it. Didn’t do anything fancy, just asked a friend to download it, rename the file extension, and email the file. So now I’m grep’ing along.

I’d like a small online service where I enter the URL of the “dangerous” file, and my email. It just does what my friend did.


Idea: Trend tracking from websites

In my last post I spoke about noticing trends in emails. I love the fact that Steam posts some sales statistics,  but even more interesting are the hardware trends one could find if historical data was taken into account. Some years ago I used the Wayback Machine to manually find data points of how 16:9 screens were taking over. They’ve updated the site so there’s no history now, but the idea would simply be to webscrape the service every month and store the data.

Idea: Trend tracking from emails

As a consultant I get a lot of emails with current projects. The two interesting things, for me, to note are what technology they’re looking for and what role. I get a rough idea just by reading them, but it would be fairly simple to set up a mail account that only parses the emails and spit out statitistics. Hopefully it would be useful for noticing trends.