Idea: Bragendar

The popularity of “status updates” on social media sites proves that people like to tell other people what they’re up to. The idea would be to have a personal calendar public just to show off what an interesting life you have. I call it the Bragendar (bragging + calendar).

Show people that you’re so busy, that your friends have to book you two weeks in advance to meed you. The further into the future you’re booked, the more points you get.

Not the planing type? Then show how spontaneous you are by “checking-in” in places just like you usually do, but have Bragendar generate a calendar of stuff you’ve done without planning.

It would be a fun chaotic-lawful points division to see who of your friends are the planing type and who are the spontaneous. Then comparing yourself to how much action you’re getting in your life with your approach.

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