Comic review: The Watchmen

Watchmen – Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons

(Note: I read this comic book in 2008, and this is a repost of a review I did then in Visual Bookshelf on my Facebook)

I saw the movie before reading the comic. The comic itself was extremely well done and a blast to read. It also made me appreciate the movie even more as it was a perfect adaption. Things that work better in a comic, like long monologues or background stories, are there. Fights and other action scenes that don’t work as well in comics are short. The movie was a bit opposite there, fitting the media type perfectly.

Conclusion: Read the comic. See the movie. It’s really worth it.

6 thoughts on “Comic review: The Watchmen

  1. I remember when The Watchmen first came out–like Star Wars, it was one of those game-changers. The superhero genre matured a lot afterward.

    1. Somehow I only heard of Watchmen in 2007 from a friend. It was a bit of an eye opener. I guess I owe thanks to Watchmen for series such as The Boys and The Authority!

  2. Like The Authority–think The Boys is just an orgy of cynicism (when it’s not just an orgy). But yes, The Watchmen got a lot of comic writers to consider motivations and superhero ethics more seriously; I suppose it indirectly inspired Wearing the Cape, although I really got interested in the idea after reading Wildguard (by Todd Nauck).

    1. Yeah, The Boys is a bit … hrrm. Haven’t read much of it, but I liked the premise of how people with super powers could be in reality (assholes). Wanted is another favorite. Also loved The Ultimates which was a much more realistic approach to the Avengers (loved Cap and Hulk the most in it).

      I see that your book “Wearing the Cape” just got released and it’s available on Kindle! Congratulations!!!

      1. And thank you on Wearing the Cape. It was a lot of fun to write and well reviewed at the writer’s site where I posted it for comments–now I’m just hoping it will catch on.

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