Idea: Kinect in presentations

Kinect just got an SDK which probably will lead to a whole bunch of cool videos on YouTube and other projects. The potential is enormous! It’s almost hard not imagining making yourself into the center of the universe (living room) with it. Personally I’m trying to find something that a thousand devs aren’t going to jump at.

While attending a presentation it hit me that Kinect could easily be a new Power Point controller. I’m trying to imagine another gesture than waving for “next slide” since it can look distracting and gimmicky, but one feature I’d love to see is automatic zooming to where you point. Things to make presentations more interactive and alive than regular slides really. Maybe augment it with voice recognition, so it automatically queues in with what you say. I think this could be really interesting.

What ideas do you have for the Kinect SDK?

[Update 2011-07-27] This has now been done:

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