Idea: What the E?

When you look at some food product, do you ever wonder what the E’s are for?

For example, I’m looking at a bottle of Coca-Cola and it has E150d and E338. The first is “sulfite ammonia caramel” and the second “food-grade phosphoric acid” (with the interesting note “not without controversy regarding its health effects”). Google and Wikipedia works fine to look up what these E’s stand for, but it would be nice with a more formal view of every E, what they actually are and specific foods they’re in.

The base for a site would be to mine Wikipedia to get a base for all E’s and what they are, but then rely on user submitted data to find products that have that E in it. With enough of it one could build a bar-code database so you can take a picture of a bar-code, and get a list of all the stuff it includes. What’s interesting is when the ingredient has controversy or debated health effects, and/or is banned in some areas (like E110 which is approved in EU but banned in Norway).

For fun, it could generate a score. The worse ingredient, the higher the score. The more of it the worse score it gets. Hopefully it would get people to buy less of that product and choose some more natural substitute instead.

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