Music screensaver iteration #5 made on Cannes Music Hack Day 2014

We didn’t finish the app before Christmas but when Deezer offered to sponsor us for the Music Hack Day in Cannes, France, we jumped on the opportunity to work on the app!

Our flight got delayed and we ended up exhausted and late at the hackathon. Still, we managed to hide a few features to focus on the core: beautiful artist images. We’ll be adding them back in time.

What we noticed though is that having it as an app is too unstable. If you leave the app by searching for a song, it breaks. We might need to make it as a separate page, like The problem though is that it won’t be able to support Spotify.

We did a “welcome page” though, but it needs more work.

Screenshot 2014-02-04 13.20.27

Deezer have been great so far and we’re eternally grateful. We’re currently working on PartySaver outside of hackathons.

We did have some fun though…