Idea: FaceNotes

As a part of Getting Things Done, you have your waiting-for list. When working in an office environment a lot of those people you’re waiting for pass you by in the corridor. The kitchen can be a great place to get a quick update on things. “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools“, but man do I love to use the latter to improve the first.

I really like the Silverlight PivotViewer and I can just imagine having something similar on an iPad when attending meetings. Just being able to connect tasks to people and having that data accessible in a fluent way would be a great tool to review tasks in a lot of different ways. Who should you talk to today to make sure things are done by tomorrow? Who has the most stuff to do, that you might be able to help? What do the people attending the meeting already have on their plate?

Writing the above paragraph I notice how it would be extra powerful it would be if everyone’s tasks could be tracked, but I’d be happy just having my own lists for people and being able to sort out who to view really easily and quickly.