Idea: New Year’s resolutions

It’s almost New Year’s eve. As customary, I’m thinking through what I’m going to promise myself to do. I thought I’d add a little twist for 2011. I’m going to … wait for it … actually fullfill those resolutions. Groundbreaking, isn’t it?

Every year people promise to quit smoking, to work out, etc, but some keep it a secret. That in my opinion just makes it even easier to chicken out.

You should select no more than three things, and have it somewhere public where your friends can motivate you to do it (or make fun of you for not doing it, depends on your friends).

Maybe it would work better as a Facebook app, if having your friends helping you is the main feature.

If you’re having trouble coming up with some resolutions, try this generator.

Update: It would be odd if I didn’t write my resolutions here, wouldn’t it?

  1. Learn more. I’ve just started a bookclub at work, but beside that I want to fill my weeks with some learning activity. Primarly it would be taking a few software development certifications but since that is highly dependent on my work, I’ll supplement it with dance classes (starting with salsa).
  2. Eat healthier. I’m not going to fool myself with the typical “get in shape” resolution. I’ve decided to put my extra time on my brain, so the gym will just have to wait a bit more, so that leaves me with something simpler: eat less junk.
  3. Finish the living room. It can take forever for me to find the furniture I like, but I’m really close to finishing the living room and now it’s time to put that last bit of effort to pick the last things.