Idea: EPiServer commandlets

As I’m managing the Swedish Government Offices internal website I have to do some adjustments with the data from time to time, most often in batches. It’s quite a big site with a lot of pages. Actions such as removing all children of a node, editing some property value, or moving certain pages by Id, are done frequently – and slowly. Basically, I want a PowerShell-like way to interact with EPiServer site content from a special console page. It would be powerful enough to be dangerous, but that’s a social engineering problem I’ll just happily ignore here.

On a higher level I’m thinking of some Command Pattern based “commandlets“, and on top of that build LINQ support (much like LINQ to Twitter). Or at least give it the feel of LINQ with some Dynamic LINQ. I think it would be a perfect module for EPiCode. They would also be perfect for deployment packages.

The best part of this idea is that most of it is already done! @adamnaj has made a EPiServer PowerShell console and it already supports EPiServer CMS 6 R2.

[Update 2011-05-04: Credit should be to @adamnaj. Fixed.]