Idea: SVN Achievements

Some time ago my friend showed me Git Achievements. I think it’s a great idea and more and more projects are moving to GIT. Still, SVN has a large user base and it would be a great contribution to it. What I really like about achievements in general is how you can set fixed goals and have it automatically checked when someone reaches it. It’s also a visible badge that you can show off, or someone can search for (i.e. find someone with a specific achievement).

One example from the Git project is:

Added a .gitignore file to a repository.

Some could be very introductory, such as doing an update before a commit. You could even have anti-achievements such as breaking the build. Or meta-achievements where you’re the first one to get a specific achievement on a specific project or team.

One interesting twist to this would be a community driven site for creating and sharing new SVN Achievements.

There’s a lot that can be done with this and achievements in general, I’ll probably do a post on it later.

Idea: Show postal code with geo-location

Sometimes when I’m signing a contract or paper I need to write the postal code and name. Usually it’s not a problem but a simple website that shows your position in plain text would be quite useful. Especially when used from a cell phone. Currently the address is very easy to get a hold of but the postal info isn’t.