Book review: Snow Crash

Snow Crash – Neal Stephenson

(Note: I read this book in 2008, and this is a repost of a review I did then in Visual Bookshelf on my Facebook)

I was warned about the last part of the book being bad but I found it satisfying. The hard part for me was the beginning, with all the cheasy 14-year-old-cool-stuff like the hero being a samurai-sword using pizza “delivirator” called Hiro Protagonist (I mean.. really?). The tone and language are very cooky-childish too, but it all comes into place. It does set the tone for the world in which the book is set.

The book was really good and presented a lot of new interesting ideas for its time. Today you can see a lot of the Metaverse things in Second Life, but still it deserves merit.

Conclussion: Read it, if you’re prepared for some extremely corny writing. It has a Da-Vinci-Code feeling to it when the book builds up to explain things in the middle and you kinda go “eh really?” and then moves into solving everything. Have the right expectations and you’re going to love this book!