Idea: Sleep and save the world

Windows Phone 7 supports running apps and doing bigger data transfers when it’s connected to WiFi and a battery charger. It would be great to have Folding@Home running then! Sure the phone isn’t all that powerfull but it would have a good spread of users if it couldn’t run as a mobile app.


Idea: Feel score

How do you feel? Are you feeling better than yesterday? Than last week? Are you overall feeling increasingly better? Is there some part of your life you would like to improve? Or maybe, should improve?

In psychology it’s common with questionares the patients have to fill in at an intervall. For regular people a simple app would suffice. All it needs is a simple tap to save the mood.

The mood, or well being, could be distributed along several axis, like a radar chart. Then once in a while you could check a summary type screen which shows how you’ve been progressing through time. It could be various line charts, or just animate a radar chart. It could even email you the status every week if you want.

Book review: Free

Free – Chris Anderson

(Note: I read this book in 2009, and this is a repost of a review I did then in Visual Bookshelf on my Facebook)

As with The Long Tail that I reviewed about last week, Chris does a wide and deep search on the topic. One can read the introductory chapter and feel that’s all there is to say on the subject, but they’d be wrong. Chris has a nice writing style and uses a lot of examples. There are some very interesting examples on how “free” has been applied, such as popularizing Jell-O in the USA and music bands in Brazil.

Conclusion: Read it, if you like the economic side of software development.